To Manga or Mangia?

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Conspicuous Consumerism
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One item is actually a BETTER source of fiber.


If you’ve read my “Tale of Two Booksellers” post, you know I have been on a Manga buying spree lately… Primarily based on the excellent suggestions of Jose Melendez and other helpful posters at the CCW*TV Blog. Now if I can just stop buying them– I might actually the have time to read them. (I am excited, though. Especially after Jose made me realize I was about to experience a whole new– very cool– comic medium.)

Hi Ya'll! I'm excited! I mean, I am not as "excited" as Jessica-- but still...

What you may not know about my feeding frenzy is how many Manga books I have actually purchased in 2 short months. I keep telling myself that I got almost all of these at 40% to 54% Off from various sources… and some for as much as 70% Off… Still,  I know I’ve become obsessed (here too) and possessed.

The ridiculous extent of my new addiction became very apparent to me when I started constructing this list. I really felt the need to contact these people. (Thank god I have lots and lots of shelving!)

Yet strangely (or sickly) I still feel compelled to ask: Do YOU have any more suggestions?

If you do, please tell me WHY I should buy the book as well. Regardless of what you may think of me after reading my About Page— I don’t have tons of money lying around like this guy. So if my current financial situation is not obvious, let me make it clear: I am comfortable and hopefully won’t need assistance anytime soon but I am not rolling in dough. I like to spend my money on ALL kinds of things (comics, gifts and animal charities mostly)… So my addictions require a steady, constant cash flow… And like anybody, some days my cash flows better than other days.

So when (or if) you read this incredibly long list or post suggestions for future buys– please don’t think I just bought these without considering either the content of the books or their price and how it would effect my bottom line… Because I actually thought of it all. While I spend money, I really don’t try to spend money on books I don’t think I will like to read.

Remember, all but a few of the titles were recommendations… And no, I’m not gonna tell you which ones were not recommended… Lovers of “respectable” Manga will know which ones they are!

Air Gear, Akira, Astral Project, Battle Angel Alita, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Battle Club, Battle Royale, Biomega, Black Lagoon, Blade of the Immortal, Bleach, Cannon God Exaxxion, Death Note, Dogs, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gantz, Gunsmith Cats, Gunsmith Cats: Burst, Ikigami, Maximum Ride, Monster, MPD Psycho, Ninja Girls, Old Boy, Path of the Assassin, Peace Maker, Peace Maker: Kurogane, Pluto, Shaman Warrior, Silent Mobius, Strawberry 100%, The Other Side of the Mirror, 20th Century Boys, Ultimo, Vagabond and Zone 00

There is also a very funny story about my first exposure to the term “fan service“– which I which I will post separately someday.

It's HAWT when you're BRUTAL in your UNDERWEAR!

  1. So, this is off topic but since this is your newest post I think I will put this here.

    I got a package at work today with something pretty damn cool inside it. I really am at a loss for words which does not happen very often so I think I will just say thank you…very much.

    E won’t be able to tape more segments till he comes back from San Diego but I can assure you I will be wearing it during those new segments. I may even take a pic of it and post it over on the blog.

    Also, since I have the next couple of days off I will be working my way through all of your posts. Seems I have a lot to catch up on. This blog is looking really great.

    • Insideman says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jose. That’s high praise coming from a successful Blog Master.

      Am still working on the post length… But, hey it my Blog… So they’ll end up being whatever length they are, I guess. Also, still finding out about new stuff I can do with the Blog three days later. I don’t think it will ever end. Enjoyed cobbling together some of my own graphics today.

      I have attempted to embed fun stuff (phrases, jokes, whatever) in every pic and every graphic… Plus I am using misdirected links on some of the links as jokes too… Like the Twilight:Eclipse joke I embedded on the Twilight link on the front page.

      If you have a moment… LET ME KNOW ABOUT SOME OF THE POSTS. I would welcome your opinion!

      That’s too bad that E won’t be around to tape at least one more set of vids before SDCC. I normally ignore San Diego madness because it is nothing but BS (a lot of which never gets done), empty press releases, shitty looking rushed toy exclusives and people bitching about Twilight… So I was hoping for a new set of videos to distract me.

      Enjoy the contents of the package. I’m really happy you liked it!

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