Blog’s Less than a Week Old… and HOUSTON… We have a CONTRIBUTOR!

Posted: July 16, 2010 in New Contributor
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Payback can sometimes be a VERY BIG BITCH!

Preferring to remain just a shadowy figure on the internet(s)– (Really aren’t we all?)– GrimaceJJL will be the nom de plume for SAYL’s first contributor… I’ve known “GJJL” (what I don’t usually call him for short) for quite a while now.

There are (3) things I can tell you that are dead-ass certain about him: 1) He loves video games and the video game industry, 2) He loves buying games cheap… In fact, the cheaper, the better. (An outlook we should all strive for in a market glutted by shitty $60 USD craptaculars!) and 3) You can trust his opinion. He doesn’t like shitty games anymore than you do.

Will You Date My Avatar?

GJJL shoots from the hip, pulls no punches and likes women very much. He especially likes Gamer Women (note: Gamey Women” need not apply.)  This of course means he is madly in love with Felicia Day, creator of The Guild web series and Dark Horse comic books. But then… aren’t we all entranced by this fire-haired vixen?

Ah, how this “Day Woman” doth distract us!

Back on track (if only for a moment), here’s what you can expect from Grimace JJL:  Pithy Video Game NEWS, VIEWS and REVIEWS. He most likely will not be posting every day (Man’s GOTTA go to COLLEGE)– but he will often… He promises.

In the end, my hopes are high… but if it doesn’t work out– I’ll just BAN HIM. :-)

Before I do that, though– here’s a little something MORE SPECIFIC about Grimace JJL in his own words:

Exposed to the Atari 2600 in 1984, I knew that involvement in the electronics and entertainment industry was my destiny– in some way shape or form– forever. Fascinated by technology, I have been a loyal Nintendo fan since I received my first NES during Christmas ’86.

I’ve owned every single NES system since that fateful Holiday– with the exception of the Virtual Boy and DS incarnations. (I’m not a huge fan of portable gaming… But that 3DS looks hot!) During Junior High, I discovered comic books– and the combination of my love for video games– made me an Official Geek.

In High School, I was an N64 lover/Playstation hater. However, after I graduated– I joined the Air Force for six years, my views “matured”– and I spent THOUSANDS of dollars out of my military pay on Gamecube and Playstation 2 games and accessories. During my time in the U.S. Armed Forces, I found unique and different ways to get my hands on as many video games and comic books as I possibly could. Then, due to injuries sustained while deployed in Afghanistan– I was medically (honorably) discharged.

Now, as a college student– I am currently Majoring in Communications: Public Relations, with a Minor in Theater.

Insideman's Idea of Funny... NOT necessarily Grimace JJL's!

I’ve been around the world and back, I’ve seen things I’m glad I saw and saw some things I hope to God none of you ever have to see. I believe that humor is the best way to handle life’s most stressful situations. I also believe that consumers should always look out for each other… So we can keep the corporations in check and remind them that they work for us– and not the other way around. I hope to make a BIG IMPACT in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Part of that mission is making sure that we’re all aware of what’s going on and how we can spend our dollars efficiently on quality titles by quality artists… And allow the bargain bin titles to fulfill their self-imposed destinies.

For the record: I still consider the PS2 the GREATEST SYSTEM of all time. I’m a Nintendo fanboy for life but I am open-minded enough to recognize greatness and excellent execution in almost every platform. I look forward to your posts as well. Tell me what you like and dislike– and if you would like to see more of something… Or not. We’ll “blog” soon!

So there you have it!

With the addition of the sublime stylings of Grimace JLL to our roster, we now have more people writing for the SAYL Blog than are actually posting comments regularly on the SAYL Blog.

Tell your friends… Help change that crappy fact!

And with that sorrowful plea, we return to our blatant objectification of one Miss Felicia Day

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