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Very 80’s but still fun!

Video quality not so great… But the sound quality makes up for it!

A lot of comic strips go very, very bad when their creators either die or pass the torch onto someone else.

Surely this is one of the main reasons that Charles Schulz made certain no one could touch the Peanuts strip after his death.

I’m happy to say that Andy Capp is still every bit as funny since creator Reg Smythe passed away in 1998. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he had amassed over a year’s worth of strips before his death to cancer… Giving the Mirror Syndicate plenty of time to train new cartoonist Roger Mahoney and new writer Roger Kettle.

Super popular in over 1,700 newspapers in 52 countries and 14 languages… I have always wondered why Fantagraphics or IDW hasn’t cut a deal to collect these strips. The look has hardly changed. The humor is timeless. I think this strip would be perfect for the hardcover treatment.

When either of the above companies do wake up and decide to do this, I expect my 10% Finder’s Fee.

The August 3, 2010 Andy Capp Comic Strip, reproduced for illustrative purposes only:

© 2010 by Mirror Syndication International

Read the excellent Reg Smythe biography (used for some of the facts in this post) here.


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MORE Back to School SPECIALS!

This time from AT & T:

Because NOTHING screams "Harvard" like TEXTING during Trig Class

“Dick Head of Class”… Maybe.

Great Tunes – Peace Train

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