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Since I am a 99.9% “Wait for the Hardcover or the Trade Paperback” kind of guy, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and let you know what I’m buying every week. Since people keep asking why I buy so many books every week, I expect all you floppy readers to tell me what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong… And I may even chime in on occasion and defend my choices. Not that a personal preference should need defending, mind you…

I might also point out why I am not buying some stuff as well… And the list may also generate a rant or expose a pet peeve… So watch out for that!


The titles in blue are either new items or items I decided against:

Adventures of Superboy Vol 1 HCI just stopped myself. Maybe next week ;-)
Big Book O’ Ditko This is going to sound horrible… I don’t like Ditko’s art
Bone Tall Tales – I got the softcover… CHEAPER!
Chew Vol 1 Omnivore HC – Own both already. Still couldn’t resist
Classic Transformers Vol 6
Daredevil The Devils Hand – What’s up, Andy Diggle?
Felix the Cats Greatest Comic Book Tails HC Torn again but my heart says, “COMIC BOOK REPRINTS… Uh, no.”
Final Crisis Revelations I own the hardcover already

Hey Dark Horse! Next time you charge $49.99 for a book-- reprint something that critics aren't calling "Boring"!

Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Vol 1 HC Saw several reviews that called these “COMIC BOOK REPRINTS” boring!
Garth Ennis Battlefields Vol 5 The Firefly & His Majesty – I luv this series.
GI Joe Best of Scarlett
Invaders Eve of Destruction
Locke & Key Vol 3 Crown Of Shadows HC – I luv this series too!
Marvelman Classic Vol 1 HCAgain, maybe next week.
Myspace Dark Horse Presents Vol 5
Penny Arcade Vol 6 Halls Below
Siege Avengers Initiative HC
Star Trek Original Series Omnibus
Street Fighter Vol 6 Final Round
Team-Ups of the Brave and the Bold HC – What a weird title!
Ultimates II Ultimate Collection Oh Hell No!

Love the shout out! Thanks, Mike!

Unwritten Vol 2 Inside Man- Really? How could I resist? (I bought the first volume already. Loved it!)
Wolverine Dark Wolverine Vol 2 My Hero I own the hardcover already
X-Men Forever Vol 4 Devil in a White Dress- I guess


Gossip Girl Manga Vol 1 – You damn well better believe I’m buying this! I’m MAD for MANGA!
Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Vol 10 – Oh my!
Ooku Inner Chambers Vol 4

Some Additions:
Amy Devlin Mystery HC Vol 1 Past Lies (2nd Print)
Dorohedoro Vol 2
My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer (2nd Print)

I'm amazed that no one has figured out I'm Jodie Foster yet

Dog Raver!

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What's wrong Comic Book Guy? Angry customers got you down?

After receiving tons of personal emails and several great posts on my Quit Spending Your Money with Assholes post– my fellow collectors made me realize I had forgotten TWO VERY BAD THINGS shitty retailers do.

So let’s just pretend I was smart enough to remember to add these thoughts to my original post:

#8 Retailers– Stop PADDING your customer’s Pull List.

You do NOT want to meet me in this condition!

Goodness, how did I forget about this? Maybe because I am not a small guy. An ex-football player/amateur boxer, almost 6′ 3″… I don’t tend to get fucked with. If I do, my practiced looks of death (old school Clint Eastwood stuff) or my shitty, arguably esoteric over-the-top comments (either meant to stun or kill)– combined with the above physical attributes, normally leaves the average punk asshole pissing their pants.

But yet, an asshole comic store owner or two– on occasion– has still been ballsy enough to pad my Pull List.

For the record, I do not think Pull List’s are sacrosanct… Especially if a customer is open to try new books or tends to have a heart attack if they miss out on the next big thing (like Chew #1 or New Mutants #12 or whatever).

If the store owner and the customer have an understanding— and especially if the buyer has a flexible budget— then I see absolutely nothing wrong to a retailer adding a few books to their pile… With one very important caveat: Retailers– Don’t fucking pitch a bitch fit if the consumer decides they don’t agree with your picks! Even if you approach your additions with the utmost consideration and with the best of intentions… Not everything you put aside for your collectors is going to line up with their sensibilities… So understand you are running a fucking business not a social club or a praise the retailer parlor… And you must allow other people to have opinions too. If your customer doesn’t want a book, live with it. If they’re like a lot of guys I know who let their retailers pull extra books here and there… Then they buy more books than they ever put back. Lots more.

Besides, if they don’t want a first print of Chew #1, I’m certain you’ll be able to find something else to do with it.


Retailers-- if you TAKE from your customers... You are NOT this guy!

#9 Retailers- Don’t you DARE take books OUT of customer Pull List piles! If you do, you are nothing more than a common thief. It’s simple. When a customer hands you a Pull List– you both enter into a contract. The customer informally (or formally, depending upon the shop) agrees to buy all the books you hold for them and you agree to provide said books for the customer– as long as something beyond your control doesn’t occur. (Your death. Shop burns down. Distributor truly shorts your copies.)

So assuming that the customer orders the books and the retailer provides the books– everything should work perfectly, right?

Well, you’ve forgotten about GREED.

Just like the little pissant mole no one’s ever seen before– who runs into a shop to clear out all the remaining first print copies of Green Arrow #31 because they hear they’re “rare”– retailers can get itchy fingers too. All of a sudden that Chew 1st Print sitting in “Fred’s” subscriber pile starts to look a lot better on eBay for $60– especially since Fred hasn’t come in to pick up his comics in over a month.

Retailers, I’m telling every one of you that’s a greedy asshole– DON’T DO IT. Fuck the bad karma points related to such an immature, asinine move. If you screw over your customers by not giving them the books they ordered– they will leave your store. You can tell them they look like a pussy– even call their mother’s a whore– and they will still stick around… But if you don’t pull their books or don’t keep the “hot” ones in their pile… They will run away from you faster than Danny Glover sprinting away from a chance meeting with Mel Gibson at Nobu Malibu.

And here’s another way that playing fast and loose with the “hot” books on people’s Pull Lists will bite you in the ass. You know those geeks that you think spend most of their time reading Power Girl comics with one hand… Thinking that leaves them little time or energy to do anything else– much less talk?

Well, nowadays they do “talk”. Not face to face mind you but by posting on Blogs like this one (or others currently more popular than this one), while they’re on xBox Live… or on Twitter. Or Facebook. Or MySpace. And one of the main things they do is talk/tweet/text/post about that no-good Fat Ass that screwed them out of a 1st print of Amazing Spider-Man #583And then they call you and your store by name.

Tempt the scorn of an internet-connected fanboy at your own peril.


And while it’s easy to think from these 2 articles that I hate retailers... I don’t! In fact, I find the large majority of comic book retailers are honest, well-intentioned business people– often fans attempting to make a living off a medium they love. I don’t hate comic book retailers… I hate bad, nasty, petty, greedy schlubs who pass themselves off as comic medium lovers– when they are nothing but small-minded opportunists.

The books you order cost money whether you buy them or not.

That clarified, the customer also needs to pick up the slack in their end of the near-Faustian bargain between comic buyer and comic retailer. Don’t let your books sit in a retailer’s pull box forever. (And by forever, I mean more than a couple of weeks… and waiting a month may as well be a lifetime.) Unless you have a prior arrangement with your retailer– there is NO good excuse for NOT picking up the merchandise you ordered in a timely fashion.

If you have a sudden family emergency or work assignment that will keep you away from the comic store for weeks at a time… Take 2 seconds and call, email or text the retailer to let them know. And don’t try to tell me you can’t find a few seconds to make the call or tap out an email. Even in the most grave of circumstances (barring your own inability to communicate due to sickness or accident) there is NO palatable excuse to leave your retailer hanging… Especially if they pull a lot of titles and/or hold other pricey merchandise for you.

Just like you, these people go to work every week in hopes of making a few bucks to survive long enough to order new books for another day. When you leave your books languishing in their customer bins– you are hurting your retailer. They have to pay for these things whether you do or not… And since you ordered these books, you have an iron clad obligation to pay for them… I don’t care how shitty your life or financial situation is.

Life's tough-- don't run from your obligations. Pick up your comics!

If say, you lose your jobDon’t play Mr. Cool. Tell your comic book store owner. 9 out of 10 times, the retailer will work with you. Some will even let you slide totally scot-free. And the others that ask you to rack up another couple of hundred on your credit cards to fulfill your obligations? They are within their rights to do so… And you should quit whining and pay them. The cool things about comics and related memorabilia: You can jump on eBay and sell the shit tomorrow that you purchased yesterday. Be creative. The last thing you want to do is stick any decent business with your problems… Especially most “Mom & Pop” comic stores that– like a lot of other small businesses– are currently one bad week away from going under. Man up, Woman up– and go pay the piper.

One final thought on Pull List management: If you see a rough cash flow situation in your near (or far) future… Be a smart, decent person and take the titles off your list that you’re most willing to pass on in a cash crunch. And drop your Pull List altogether if you even think you will not fulfill your obligations to your retailer. You’re a much better person if you don’t knowingly leave someone holding merchandise you know in advance you are not going to pay for– just because you can’t bring yourself to “own up” to your financial condition.

In the end, the retailer/buyer boils down to one common theme: Trust.

If you can trust your retailer, celebrate them. If you can trust your customers, celebrate them. Without trust and the follow through that earns it– there is nothing between you… Certainly no respectAnd you both need to go your separate ways.