Your Weekend Box-Office



1. The Expendables (Lionsgate)     $35,000,000
2.    Eat Pray Love (Sony)     $23,700,000
3.    The Other Guys (Sony)     $18,000,000
4.    Inception (Warner Bros.)     $11,200,000
5.    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Universal)     $10,500,000
6.    Despicable Me (Universal)     $6,800,000
7.    Step Up 3D (Disney)     $6,700,000
8.    Salt (Sony)     $6,400,000
9.    Dinner for Schmucks (Paramount)     $6,300,000
10.    Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (Warner Bros.)     $4,200,000

Eat, Pray, Love… FTW!?!

Hey Kids! With the RIGHT DIET / WORKOUT REGIMEN even your 64-year-old ass will look this RIPPED one day too. Just remember, 'ROIDS are for SUCKERS!

Psssst! There was a series of movies in the Late 70’s that took on this EXACT SAME IDEA– over the hill stars in an action movie.

The films were The Wild Geese and the less successful Wild Geese II.

They are, of course, now remaking The Wild Geese.

  1. Edward2962 says:

    Sly is LITERALLY old enuff to be my dad and I’m old enuff to have started to develop male pattern baldness (it’s slight but it’s there). I’m not mad at him at all for having success. On the other hand I saw him on TV claiming he was taking some human growth hormone which wasn’t the same as steroids…oh,really? (skeptic face)

    Also, I of course have no idea what kind of deal O’Malley made for Scott Pilgrim but I’m sure it’ll do well on DVD. (just hope he didn’t do a Troy Duffy deal and not make a dime after the flick makes millions in secondary markets)

  2. Stamps says:

    1. Personally I really enjoyed The Expendables.

    2. I can understand how The Expendables beat Scott Pilgrim at the box office. But Inception, The Other Guys, and (most unholy) EAT PRAY LOVE? Really!

    3. The Wild Geese remake should be stopped asap…along with the Red Dawn remake.

    4. Seriously…Eat Pray Love in at 2nd *sigh*

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