Blue Ocean Accessories must think so!

What happened to Matt Smith?

According to Gallifrey News Base:

A new set of Doctor Who Nintendo accessories will be released alongside the forthcoming Wii and DS games: Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth and Doctor Who: Return to Earth due in the Autumn.

A Sonic Screwdriver stylus is being released to accompany the games by Blue Ocean Accessories the hardware department of games publisher Koch Media.

Also available will be slipcases featuring the Doctor and Amy Pond.

Ben Jones, media manager of Blue Ocean Accessories, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with the BBC Worldwide on what we believe will be a great seller this Christmas.”

Why is Amy Pond on the cover of a Sonic Screwdriver toy– other than for the obvious reason? Oh, there is no reason other than the obvious reason? OK, I can dig that.

I wonder which version of this toy will sell better?


Karen, is that a sonic screwdriver in your panties... Oh, forget it!

(Thanks to Elliott Serrano at Geek to Me for tweeting the link.)

  1. pilkk90 says:

    so many interprataions to this

    • Insideman says:

      I was also going to make the Dr. Who Vibrator joke (especially with Karen plastered all over the box) but I decided to curb myself.
      Wheeeeee! indeed. Do I get extra points for being demur? Or should I have just gone for it? :-)

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