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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I truly believe Sailor Moon. I believe Dwayne is heterosexual.

But after repeat viewings, I must say that whether or not he is homosexual or heterosexual is the least of my worries.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Adult Males playing with  Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls!

(Thanks again to Jose Melendez for the link!)

There’s something extremely creepy– yet still undeniably killer cute– about this powerful Katy Perry / Elmo crossover.

I am a little disturbed at the heavy use of double entendre— a device that Katy Cocktease employs seemingly in every waking moment of her life…  But I’m also not enough of a killjoy to see how most kids will not understand the true meaning behind the song’s lyrics.

That written, like Jose Melendez (who kindly sent me this link)– I am also worried that PBS is turning a whole generation of youngsters into Katy Perry zombies and, well, that just sucks.

Still it’s all very cute and the song does beat the crap out of Katy’s latest, California Gurls.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Given Ms. Perry’s unnatural attraction to Russell Brand, I have to say I’m not surprised to find out she might also have a Furry Fetish.

“Elmo, are you ready to play dress up?”