PRINTING ERROR in Dark Horse’s Conan: The Newspaper Strips Volume 1!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in A Public Service Post
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No replacement book offered? Isn't that special!

Yesterday (9/22/10) on the Dark Horse’s website, Senior Editor Dave Land graciously admitted that the 9/20 Conan comic strip of that year (collected in the 1st Conan Newspaper Strip Hardcover) was also used again in the spot designated for the 10/20 Conan comic strip for that year.

So it was a repeated strip– with 10/20’s strip nowhere to be found in the book.

I want to be the first to tell you that Mr. Land apologized profusely and in an extremely caring and believable manner in his post while noting the error.

(Read it on Dark Horse’s website here)

However, this one line in his apology threw me way off:

The correct top strip for that page appears above and we will correct this error for future printings of this volume.”

So what does that statement mean? I bought this book under the impression that it was complete. Does the above statement written by Mr. Land mean I shouldn’t expect a corrected volume to replace my incorrect one? Sure seems like I should NOT expect one. Guess I could always BUY a Second Printing if I want a corrected book… Like that’s gonna happen.

Unfortunately, on the book’s devoted web page there is NO MENTION of this problem… But there is a link to where you can BUY A COPY.

Here’s the full text of the post– taken directly from Dark Horse’s website:

Sometimes mistakes are made. I make them constantly. Which is why I’m amazed that, given my job, things like this don’t happen more often. See, I’m the editor of Conan: The Newspaper Strips Volume 1 and it seems that despite my having looked at every page of that lovely volume numerous times I missed a simple error on page thirty-three. The top strip on that page is a repeat of the strip from 9/20 of that year instead of the strip for 10/20. I’d like to personally apologize for this error. I try to keep things like this from happening in the books I edit, but like I said, sometimes mistakes are made. The correct top strip for that page appears above and we will correct this error for future printings of this volume. Again, please accept my apologies for the error and thanks for reading!

—Dave Land, Senior Editor

I feel for Mr. Land, I really do. But it is usually my experience that Publishers are willing to exchange incorrect books with corrected editions. I (and I am sure others) would like Dark Horse to simply clarify that they have NO plans to offer people who bought this incorrect hardcover a corrected book.

And I want to make this clear: Dark Horse is a good company that offers a tremendous amount of quality reading material and merchandise. Their achievements far outweigh their fouls… Which is one reason I guess I am so surprised to read the above statement.


  1. ed2962 says:

    The apology almost sounds like “We’re truly sorry if some of you feel burned, but we can’t put in any extra work right now. Maybe next time”

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