It’s the 90’s Again!™ Spider-man Gets Multiple NEW Costumes & Gadgets?!?

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Controversy, Crap Character Design, WTF?
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A lot of what is about to happen in the Spider-man books is all rumor and conjecture. As Dan Slott takes over as the sole writer of Amazing Spider-man with issue #648, there seems to be at least ONE costume change (if not THREE) and some “gadgets” (whatever in the hell that means) that will eventually be added to the mix.

Here’s the cover image for Amazing Spider-man #650:


As Spidey Patrols, A Nation Pukes

There is no word on how long this Tron-like* abomination will stick around or when and if the “gadgets” will appear or disappear.

Either way, it just seems more like a return to the horribly absurd 90’s.

Anybody that’s been collecting for a few years knows that costume changes always sell big— especially when they occur in Spider-man comics. But this one is, well, crap. It feels like a cross between Spider-Man 2099 and the laugh inducing Electric Blue Superman.


Awww Christ! The agony!

And before anybody goes all bug-nut crazy on me– this post is not a slam against Slott. It’s more of a collective sigh that Marvel is going in this direction. Slott’s talented and seems like a nice man. But I thought that all that Brand New Day and O.M.I.T. bullshit was supposed to take the character back to his roots. You know, “We want Spidey to be the way he used to be.”

None of that seems to be working out.

It’s a shame too– I really thought given the way Slott was geeking out over the opportunity to be Spidey’s main caretaker that we were going to see some solid stories that didn’t rely on smoke and mirrors. Is Marvel really afraid that Spider-man– or any comic for that matter– will not sell just on solid storytelling… So much so that they are back to relying on costume changes and gadgets?


(In all fairness, I first saw Jose Melendez at the CCW*TV Blog compare the new Spider-man costume to Tron outfits. )

  1. ed2962 says:

    I think the suit will be gone in about a year. I agree with the folks who feel it’s a stunt to sell more toys, video games, movies, etc. Disney share holders must be cracking the whip!

  2. pilkk90 says:

    its spiderman unlimited

  3. Locusmortiis says:

    great idea to paint a big neon target on his costume.

  4. Where are the drunk Karen Gillen pics? I WAS TOLD THERE WOULD BE DRUNK KAREN GILLEN PICS! (And no, it’s not cuz I’m drunk too…) Nnnnnnnnope. E.

  5. kurumais says:

    i like it
    but the 3 new costumes are all for the shattered dimensions sequel unlocks

  6. The Irishman says:

    Why use a design so similar to the 80s black costume, when Peter still HAS the black costume hanging up in his wardrobe? I liked the black costume, this leaves me cold. You’d never realise, from that comment, that I did my comic reading in the 80s…

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