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From The Daily Blam!

What a clusterfuck!

You can half-way understand when a Powerless Comic Book Company has no say in how their characters will be interpreted on film. But Warner Bros owns DC Comics for chrissakes… So who didn’t care enough or have the balls to simply say, “Uh folks… You know this film would be a lot more more fan friendly if you could, at least, leave the damn battery alone.”

First the suit, now the battery.

Hopefully  the story will make up for it.

I think the sight of a dozen– or 144– GLOWING Green Lanterns whizzing around in space with day glo costumes is going to epilepsy inducing— if not downright damaging to my corneas.

Just remember, these are the same people who gave the OK for Catwoman and Superman Returns!

(Thanks to CCW*TV Blog’s Jose Melendez for the link!)

  1. Mike F says:

    It looks kinda interesting to me. The handle is what kills it tho. IDK about this movie. I sense another Bastardized superhero flick

  2. Morlock50 says:

    I’m starting to get a little worried. I hope this doesn’t turn into DC’s Ghost Rider moment.

  3. Aries says:

    You also have to consider that when something like this is drawn in a comic it is drawn in a simple manner for a reason. Imagine having to draw a power battery (because that’s what it is. It’s not a lantern it’s a power battery. And green lanterns have been shown to have different types) that was as complex in detail as the one in the picture 15 times an issue and still have time to draw the rest of the comic in 1-2 weeks. Things like this are drawn simple to lessen the strain on the artist.

  4. Insideman says:

    I simply don’t agree.

    Years ago, artists like Dave Gibbons introduced several more Alien races into the GL Corps and their outfits were more in keeping with their alien cultures. I see no reason why the batteries or the basic Green Lantern suit could not have been left alone… After all, the character is called GREEN LANTERN because he gets his power from a LANTERN– not some space age looking construct. And like I wrote, we’ll all be in danger of epileptic fits if more than a couple of these Lanterns are zipping around on screen in deep dark space at one time.

    All that written, I would have had no problem with the main battery on OA looking this way. (And I am certain it does.) In fact, that would have been much more dramatic a shot– than to see the “same tech” used for these smaller battery versions.

    Having watched this sad scenario many times before (Stallone’s Judge Dredd, the FIRST Punisher movie)– the main point of the post was to basically state that you need to put your worry caps on when Hwood suits decide that they can “improve” a concept that has been around for almost 70 years. Sure, you can always update the concept with new tech and new cultural touchstones but to be pompous enough to think they need to change a costume that has served Hal Jordan well for over 60+ years is astoundingly ballsy and stupid.

    You have to wonder if they did NOT like the costume and the battery (the foundation of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern)– what ELSE are they FUCKING with… And each time you CHANGE a popular mythos– you run the risk of damaging it or making it a lesser construct.

  5. Insideman says:

    I stated the same thing in my original post… Hopefully the story will make up for these blunders in design.

    I can just feel I’m right on this point. If the individual batteries had been more bland in design… Then the site of the main battery on OA would have been breathtaking had they used this design solely for the main unit.

    I don’t know which movies you saw… :-) But the Phantom and Judge Dredd films were NOT literal translations of the original source material. They were the exact opposite— which is why they sucked. I don’t know what Smallville would be a literal translation of– since Superboy donned a costume fairly young in the DC Mythos. I always looked at Smallville as a show that just ran around in the DC Universe attempting to do whatever they could to stay on the air. Did they ever try to follow any comic book, ever? If that show had been on any network other than the WB (originally) and now CW– it would have been canceled in 2 seasons.

    I had no trouble with the X-men outfits– except Wolverine’s suit… Which they instantly fixed by having Wolverine address the issue by joking about wearing a yellow and black outfit in the first movie…

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