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Another Gem from the Emails…

Makes Sense... That's Almost Exactly What They Taste Like...

Admittedly, I am a HUGE Elton John fan. Almost as big as any you’ll ever meet.

But I am also realistic. I know when Elton makes a substandard album and long-time fans will feel my pain when I mention these two works: “Leather Jackets” and ” Victim of Love”. The latter is actually a disco album that thankfully very few people have ever heard (or remember hearing).

Elton’s latest– “The Union”– with Leon Russell is a SUPERB CD.

One of the Best Elton John Albums in 20 Years!

When you review The Union, you have to remember to put Elton’s long time lyricist / professional collaborator Bernie Taupin in the mix– especially since Bernie wrote songs with both Elton and Leon on this CD.

If you listen to this work in full– you will find tons of smart, meaningful and artistic touches. Wonderful moments worth enjoying over and over. Do NOT let the short samples make your buying decision for you. This CD is much more than that.

“If It Wasn’t for Bad”, “Hey Ahab”, “Monkey Suit”, “My Kind of Hell” hold their on with some of the BEST ROCKERS Elton and/or Leon have ever been associated with. Bernie Taupin’s lyrics show a sharp rejuvenation as well.

“When Love is Dying” and “Never To Old (To Hold Somebody)” are two of the best “relationship” songs Elton & Bernie have ever written. “In the Hands of Angels” is a tough, poignant song about Leon’s own trials, tribulations and close calls with death.

This is an album for every Elton and Leon fan ever made… And hopefully a whole slew of younger people who have never really paid attention to either of these masters.

Producer T Bone Burnett has captured magic here and we are all the better for it.

Please note the “Deluxe” Edition has 2 extra songs and a DVD directed by Cameron Crowe. The 2 songs are also top notch.

And frankly, it looks like a


From The Daily Blam!

What a clusterfuck!

You can half-way understand when a Powerless Comic Book Company has no say in how their characters will be interpreted on film. But Warner Bros owns DC Comics for chrissakes… So who didn’t care enough or have the balls to simply say, “Uh folks… You know this film would be a lot more more fan friendly if you could, at least, leave the damn battery alone.”

First the suit, now the battery.

Hopefully  the story will make up for it.

I think the sight of a dozen– or 144– GLOWING Green Lanterns whizzing around in space with day glo costumes is going to epilepsy inducing– if not downright damaging to my corneas.

Just remember, these are the same people who gave the OK for Catwoman and Superman Returns!

(Thanks to CCW*TV Blog’s Jose Melendez for the link!)

I have had almost this exact conversation 4,334 times:

Stage Mothers… Emphasis on Mothers

Following the Twitter Splosion™ after DC Comics announcement that they are LOWERING prices on ALL their $3.99 comics effective January 2011, several questions are left unanswered:








Here is one last poll to cover this emerging news:


More great comic strips can be found at

(Thanks to CCW*TV’S Jose Melendez for the comic!)


Tip #1 Take a seat, unwind and have a drink

Tip #2 Whenever anyone asks to take your pic, slowly stretch your muscles, arch your back and flash a "come hither" look

Simple, right?

I, however, would not want to be anywhere near Miss Gillan when she wakes the next day after chasing that liquor with a big fat glass of red wine.

I wonder if Doctor Who can fix a migraine?

(Thanks to Jose Melendez at the CCW*TV Blog for the pics!)

After a couple of weeks on the Home Page, I will be switching most videos to the


tab that you see on the very top of this website.

Your fave vids will still be here– just moved so the front page will always load as fast as possible.

The latest vids will sit at the top– and progress down the Video Hall of Shame page from latest to the oldest.


Lots of irreverent fumetti that includes spot-on biting commentary

Just one of many funny fumetti to be found on

(Thanks to CCW*TV Blog’s Jose Melendez for the link!)



No replacement book offered? Isn't that special!

Yesterday (9/22/10) on the Dark Horse’s website, Senior Editor Dave Land graciously admitted that the 9/20 Conan comic strip of that year (collected in the 1st Conan Newspaper Strip Hardcover) was also used again in the spot designated for the 10/20 Conan comic strip for that year.

So it was a repeated strip– with 10/20′s strip nowhere to be found in the book.

I want to be the first to tell you that Mr. Land apologized profusely and in an extremely caring and believable manner in his post while noting the error.

(Read it on Dark Horse’s website here)

However, this one line in his apology threw me way off:

The correct top strip for that page appears above and we will correct this error for future printings of this volume.”

So what does that statement mean? I bought this book under the impression that it was complete. Does the above statement written by Mr. Land mean I shouldn’t expect a corrected volume to replace my incorrect one? Sure seems like I should NOT expect one. Guess I could always BUY a Second Printing if I want a corrected book… Like that’s gonna happen.

Unfortunately, on the book’s devoted web page there is NO MENTION of this problem… But there is a link to where you can BUY A COPY.

Here’s the full text of the post– taken directly from Dark Horse’s website:

Sometimes mistakes are made. I make them constantly. Which is why I’m amazed that, given my job, things like this don’t happen more often. See, I’m the editor of Conan: The Newspaper Strips Volume 1 and it seems that despite my having looked at every page of that lovely volume numerous times I missed a simple error on page thirty-three. The top strip on that page is a repeat of the strip from 9/20 of that year instead of the strip for 10/20. I’d like to personally apologize for this error. I try to keep things like this from happening in the books I edit, but like I said, sometimes mistakes are made. The correct top strip for that page appears above and we will correct this error for future printings of this volume. Again, please accept my apologies for the error and thanks for reading!

—Dave Land, Senior Editor

I feel for Mr. Land, I really do. But it is usually my experience that Publishers are willing to exchange incorrect books with corrected editions. I (and I am sure others) would like Dark Horse to simply clarify that they have NO plans to offer people who bought this incorrect hardcover a corrected book.

And I want to make this clear: Dark Horse is a good company that offers a tremendous amount of quality reading material and merchandise. Their achievements far outweigh their fouls… Which is one reason I guess I am so surprised to read the above statement.



I was on today, thinking of buying a set of Scott Pilgrim volumes for a friend.

Apparently Amazon stocked up on way too many of these books during the long build-up to the so-so performing film.

Now Amazon is selling the books for as much as

69% OFF!

Click on this AMAZON LINK now and pick up a great deal… You NEVER know how long it will last!

I'm buying a couple of sets JUST IN CASE I run into somebody I think would love them!



(Which also QUALIFIES you for FREE SHIPPING in the US!)

Houston, We have a HUGE problem!


Possibly the WORST KEPT SECRET in Hollywood– Fox just announced that Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez & Randy Jackson are the judges for the upcoming season of American Idol.

So much for the producer’s supposed wishes to place the emphasis back ON the CONTESTANTS– and OFF the judges.

I think one of these three people is EXTREMELY INSUFFERABLE. I’ll let you guess who it is… But their inclusion into this panel will most likely curtail and possibly STOP me from watching this altogether.

Another GUILTY PLEASURE shot to hell.

Okay, I’ll give you a hint about the person I am describing in the second paragraph:



This might be her HAPPY FACE


I truly believe Sailor Moon. I believe Dwayne is heterosexual.

But after repeat viewings, I must say that whether or not he is homosexual or heterosexual is the least of my worries.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Adult Males playing with  Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls!

(Thanks again to Jose Melendez for the link!)

Passionate… Or F’in Crazy!?


Close your eyes and listen to this vid. If you don’t hear BILL MURRAY, you’re not trying hard enough.

I’m still at the beginning of this blog– so please bear with me as I run a little experiment. This video was originally posted here several days ago using the candidate’s great line, “Tell Randy Gonzales… I’m coming.” We got some goods “hits” (views) using the line as a joke– but I’m still wondering if we left some views “on the table” by not identifying the video better.

Since Mr. Jose Melendez was nice enough to share it with us at the beginning, I am running this test to see if a straight forward posting gets more hits. If you have seen it, watch it again. Like very few things, it actually gets better with repeat viewings.

(Thanks to CCW*TV’s Jose Melendez for the link!)

Here’s something you don’t see every day!

My favorite line?


The commentator must have picked that word up from the Sports Announcer’s

101 Action Adjectives & Bombastic Verbs Handbook”