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The following are just a few of Ray Villafane’s unique Halloween Pumpkins.

As featured on the TODAY SHOW:



Zipper Face


The President


Zippy De Doo Dah


Truly Nightmare Inducing

Possibly the Coolest Pumpkin Ever



Many readers may remember that when I first heard about the Black Panther taking over for Daredevil, I had what I thought were some very legitimate concerns.

Here’s some of what I had to say (the whole post, brilliant in its own right, can be found HERE):

“As the Black Panther, T’Challa has spent his entire life either preparing to be– or being– the KING of WAKANDA. His interactions with regular “average” American citizens have been few— with Christopher Priest’s short run on Black Panther Volume 2 being about the only concerted effort to have the man interact with “regular”people on the mean streets. Otherwise, the ruler has spent vast amounts of his time hanging with SUPERHEROES and SUPER VILLAINS– and being KING. Hardly a conduit to understanding the “every man”.

So all my good thoughts for Marvel’s “Who Will Be the Next Man Without Fear?’ promotion were instantly blown to hell– dashed to bits on the harsh shores of reality. (Purple prose? Love it!) The book’s new creative team may play T’Challa as “streetwise” (hopefully they won’t) but just because the former King has been in some hairy situations in the past– chasing after Dr. Doom while perched on top of the Fantasticar does not make for beaucoup street smarts.”

It seems (emphasis on seems) that the Marvel creatives in charge of this switch have actually anticipated the questions that I raised... And that is a great thing. I love it when conscientious comic professionals actually get together and work through an idea. It’s amazing what happens when a writer or writer/artist isn’t arbitrarily given the Keys to the Kingdom and allowed to childishly run rampant through a character’s past, present and future like it was some huge toy box.

Black Panther, Man without Fear writer David Liss definitely seems to be hitting all the right character moments in the Newsarama Preview. T’Challa is unfamiliar with his surroundings but no idiot either… He’s determined to learn his territory and the people and dangers living within. The sequences between the former King of Wakanda and the Devil Diner’s janitor and the interviewing Serbian waitress are excellent CHARACTER touchstones— and hopefully what we can expect for the future of this new series.


Just remember his is essentially a 5 Page Preview of the first issue. It is not an entire comic— let alone a full story arc. Let’s all wish it gets even better and promise to check back in a few months to see how things are going, OK?


CLICK HERE FOR THE PREVIEW has a great story on this Giant Touchscreen Vending Machine.

“A Touchscreen Vending Machine?” you ask, “Isn’t that just wasteful?”

Well– yes and no.

Yes, sort of, because it is a giant touchscreen on a VENDING MACHINE— so those damn touchscreens are a helluva lot cheaper to produce then we have been led to believe.

But NO, because this machine also SEES YOU and offers you beverages based on your body stereotype (manufacturers claim the software is VERY accurate). You can still order any beverage you want but when this damn thing comes to Fat-Ass America, I’m buying stock in Yoo-hoo!

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