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Cosplay is cool…Sometimes. I don’t understand a lot of it– and I presume that some of these Cosplayers only understand why they are doing what they are doing all by themselves… Like the lady I saw dressed as the GEICO Insurance Money Wad— complete with the huge Oogly- Googly eyes– standing in the unbelievably long line for last weekend’s Chicago Comic Con.

It's funny but is it costume-worthy?

And even though I don’t always understand the motivation behind the costumes– I can always appreciate the effort these dedicated cosplayers put into their gear. Many– if not most– of the cosplay costumes and accessories I have seen rival Hwood production quality. This attention to detail obviously comes from each individual cosplayer’s sometimes obsessive decision to “sweat” the small stuff.

But what happens when cosplayers take a page from XXX Fan Fic and decide to let their characters “act out” in ways heretofore only reserved for fan wet dreams?


Here is a comely Link and Princes Zelda from Innocent enough, right?

Link & Zelda sittin' in a tree...

And here are a gorgeous Red Link and Blue Link from Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures at

Oh My!

They seem very chummy. They must have just defeated Shadow (Dark) Link.

Uh oh… What kind of DARK SORCERY is this?

Link on Dark Link Action! Talk about FAN-TASTY!

Wow! I suddenly have a whole new respect for Cosplayers and Cosplaying.

I wonder if they ever let any ACTUAL GUYS play Link?

(Many thanks to the Jose (CCW*TV Blog) Melendez for these links!)