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THIS WEEK: Silver Diamond Volume 7

Manga books are normally released every Tuesday– just like music. They arrive in mainstream bookstores and Anime/Manga stores on Tuesdays. Comic book stores can often gets these volumes EARLIER than the other outlets… and occasionally a week late. So depending on what store you haunt– the books may have arrived last Tuesday of Wednesday or next Tuesday and Wednesday. Call in advance, save gas! (Pull Lists are also a great idea– where available.) Some books may also be new prints (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) of books already released.

This will be a REGULAR FEATURE at the SAYL Blog… As releases warrant. The bulk of NEW MANGA RELEASES come out TWICE a MONTH— with out few stragglers released during the “in-between” weeks. When there is only a few books– those will be noted in the MY PULL LIST Weekly Feature. I am also including a short list of some of next week’s Manga releases as well!

Air Gear, Vol #15-17, Omnibus
Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol #4
Apollo’s Song Part 1
Apollo’s Song Part 2
Chibi Vampire Airmail Vol #1
Chi’s Sweet Home Vol #2
Dreaming Collection 1-3
Elemental Gelade Vol #12
Future Diary Vol #7
Happy Cafe Vol #4
Karakuri Odette Vol #4
Kyo Kara Maoh Vol #7
Mad Love Chase Vol #4
Negima! Magister Negi Magi Neo Vol #6
Neon Genesis Evangelion Campus Apocalypse Vol #1
Oh My Goddess! Vol #15 (2nd Print)
Panic X Panic Vol #2
Pink Innocent Vol #2
Portrait of M & N Vol #3
Ratman Vol #2
Silver Diamond Vol #7
Suzuka Vol #13-15 Omnibus
Vampire Hunter D Vol #15 (Prose)
Witch of Artemis Vol #1


Bleach Vol #32
Gantz Vol #12
Ghost Talkers Daydream Vol #4
Nancy Drew Vol #21
Negima Neo Vol #6

NEXT WEEK: Gantz Volume #12