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$19.99 at DISCRIMINATING Comics Shops!


Has everyone at DC lost their FUCKING MINDS? is reporting that Matt Wagner’s DC/Vertigo comic, Madame Xanadu, is on the cancellation road.

This makes PERFECT SENSE for 3 Reasons:

Madame Xanadu: One of the BEST BOOKS DC’s Vertigo Imprint has launched in 10 Years.

Madame Xanadu: Supposedly NOT Vertigo’s lowest selling book. (That book’s still being published!)

Madame Xanadu: Quite possibly Matt Wagner’s FINEST CREATIVE ENDEAVOR.

This idiotic news is on the heels of DC also canceling the excellent Vertigo titles Unknown Soldier & Greek Street.

Somewhere, Marvel Comics employees are laughing.

Rich Johnston reports that Madame Xanadu’s cancellation can partially be blamed on some sort of Geoff John/Dan Didio edict to fold certain “currently Vertigo” characters back into regular, mainstream DC continuity. The PTB (Powers That Be) supposedly feel these characters will thrive and sell better under the DC Logo— firmly planted in the DC UniverseEven though the same DC Comics Universe has run second in overall book sales to the Marvel Comics Universe for decades now.

Let me clue ALL these DC Dipshits into something: You don’t have to run a fucking comic book company to deadass know that canceling Madame Xanadu– and putting her back in the DC Universe– is NOT going to do flying fuck to improve your sales.


All you’ve done is take a massive artistic success and SHIT on it. That’s it.

Meanwhile your First Wave Pulp Hero books (recently launched to much fanfare and promotion) and your Brightest Day series (recently launched to much fanfare and promotion) are for shit… And fans of DC’s Magic Characters are left with the mediocre Zatanna comic (another shameful misstep) to fall back on? SCREW THAT. Anything short of relaunching Madame’s book in the mainstream DCU with the SAME Creative Team will be seen as a massive fail by anybody who enjoys good comics.

Sadly, here’s all you had to do to make Madame Xanadu a hit: PROMOTE THE SHIT OUT OF IT. When you have such a GREAT COMIC– obviously staffed by creators who care– BUILD A BUZZ… Just like you always have on all the other POS books that you’ve chosen to manufacture into “events”. Force comic collectors to stand up and take notice! That’s all you needed to do and you never came close to doing any of it!

Recently, D-D-Didio said that it is DC’s goal to be NUMBER ONE in sales and market share.

Treating your QUALITY BOOKS like bastard stepchildren ain’t gonna get you there… EVER!